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THE PURRS (2006)
The Purrs
  1. She's Gone
  2. The Dreams Our Stuff Is Made Of
  3. Connect The Dots
  4. Loose Talk
  5. Ebb & Flow
  6. Because I Want To
  7. Taste Of Monday
  8. Get On With Your Life
  9. Don't Stop Kicking Me Down
All tracks are culled from our 2 previous (SOLD OUT) releases. They have been remastered and sound super good, IMHO.

You can purchase this item at...
Sonic Boom Records
...and of course, you could purchase it from US personally at ANY live show.

Black T-Shirts for all my friends!!!!!!
Yes, we finally got around to making some new t-shirts and they are quite lovely.
The shirts are from American Apparel (All our shirts are American Apparel so far)
The girls shirts are the Classic Girl cut, the guys is the Standard American.
They will shrink some once washed as t-shirts tend to do. Keep that in mind when you order.
$15 per shirt + $3 for shipping.
Purrs Paisley On Black T Shirt (click for full sized image)
Gear Flower Orange On Black
Gear Flower Orange On Black T Shirt (click for full sized image)
Black T
Purrs Gear Flower T (women)
Purrs Gear Flower T
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Apple iTunes
(There are probably others as comes to mind, but I don't have the time to look them all up)

4 Songs EP (2002)
4 Songs EP (2002)
  1. Waiting For The Asteroid
  2. Here For So Long
  3. It Could Be So Wonderful
  4. Just A Little More
Running time: 22 mins 01 secs
Height611 Compilation (2004)
Height611 Compilation (2004)
Contains The Purrs track "Ebb & Flow"
plus 15 other tracks from various bands.
This CD can be purchased from height611.
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